Protein For Koi Fish

Koi-food companies have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop diets that appeal to koi and still offer complete nutrition in

Sources of Koi Fish Stress and How to Fix Them

Pretty much all the stress that koi experience is human caused. This is one of those blanket statements that points the finger of responsibility

Caring for the Koi Pond the Four Seasons

Getting a running start on Koi pond care each season is like entering data into your tax software all year long — you have

Filtration For Koi Pond

An efficient filtration system is probably the most important equipment needed for a koi pond. There are many different kinds of filtration equipment on

Pond Construction Koi Fish

There are three basic kinds of ponds, Garden Ponds, Garden Ponds with fish, and Koi Ponds. Garden Ponds feature aquat ic plants. Garden Ponds

Rub-a-dub-dub, setting up the tub for Koi

Plan to set up your quarantine tub a few weeks before your new koi fish arrive. You need this time to install the mechanical

Deciding Where Your Koi Will Live

Getting ready for your first koi is like waiting for the holidays. You can’t wait for the date, but you have so much to