What food can i feed Koi?

koi fish

It is both nutritious and fun to feed your Koi some fresh food treats! The following are some fresh foods you can offer your Koi:

Lettuce: Lettuce is an excellent treat for Koi fish. You can begin serving lettuce by shredding the leaves and letting them float in the pond.
After a few weeks you can put in a whole head of lettuce and watch your Koi enjoy tearing off the pieces on their own.

I recommend Romaine or Leaf lettuce as these contain more in the way of nutrition than ordinary iceberg lettuce. Once all the leaves have been eaten remove all the remaining pieces from the pond water.

Oranges and Watermelon: Oranges and watermelon are another favorite Koi fish food. They are high in Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and also

helps lower stress levels. These can be served by cutting them into segments and putting them into your pond with the rind intact. The Koi will rip away the flesh, leaving the rind behind. As soon as your fish are done eating make sure you remove any leftover remnants.

Prawns or Shrimp: Koi consider prawns a delicacy and they are also a good source of protein. Since they are high in protein they should only be fed in
the summer months when your fish require a higher protein Koi fish food for extra energy and can digest the protein more efficiently.

 Garlic: Belive it or not, Koi adore garlic and will consume almost anything that is covered with it. You can use a coating of garlic to entice your Koi to eatout of your hand!

Insects: Finally, you should consider adding insects and larvae to your Koi fish food repertoire. If you do decide to offer your Koi insects then mealworms, soft-shelled crickets, bloodworms, blackworms, waxworms and tubifex worms are all suitable.

Feed them sparingly, and don’t feed them at all unless you can guarantee they are from a pesticide-free environment. As with prawns
it is best to feed these higher protein treats only during the summer months.

Your Koi will love you for offering such a wide variety of treats!

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  1. Jambee

    These pond pellets are the round ball type.For some rosean the koi like these more than the long grain rice style ones and it just so happens that no where does these type any more so i have to source it online.Other than that it’s a great choice for value for money, practically the cheapest I can fine unless there is a 2 for 1 deal somewhere else. I think I’ll be buying more here due to the price and availability.

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